BrightWall Backlit LED exhibition display stands

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High quality LED backlit exhibition stands that present your message in the best light.

BrightWall backlit fabric display units create a high-end ambience that will help you increase sales and brand awareness at your next display event – it’s possibilities are almost endless!

Assembled in as little as 15minutes, our backlit fabric stands ensure a simple, quick and stress free setup!

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When footprint and weight are a consideration, think Brightwall80.



Enjoy the flexibility of double sided LED exhibition technology.



BrightWall backlit counters are more than just an exhibition accessory.

Backlit LED Display stands from Nomadic Display Exhibition Designers

A high level of brightness and an even illumination makes BrightWall the champion of illuminated backlit exhibition stands.

Available in a range of sizes from 1mtr to 3mtrs and with the choice to have custom sizes made on request all of your exhibition display needs can be accommodated. Our packing case is designed to easily fit into a small car, and weighing as little as 24kg can be easily transported by one person.

BrightWall Backlit Fabric Stands feature high-powered LED lights, which provide even, shadow free illumination. LED lights are six times more energy efficient than conventional lights and can cut energy use by up to 80% and with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

Choose from 80mm single sided and 108mm double sided backlit display stands , or accessorise with our range of modular backlit exhibition counters. Set up decorative focal points or combine several modules for larger, illuminated displays.


Backlit Fabric Stand Features

Portable LED Backlit Exhibition Display Stands

BrightWall display walls are lightweight, compact and easy to transport. Each display comes in a wheeled case providing exceptional protection for your BrightWall display.

Ease of setup LED Backlit Exhibition Display Stands

Easy to follow instructions and tool-free set-up allows you to assemble your BrightWall in as little as 15 minutes. Plug and play lights ensure a simple, stress free set up every time.
A comprehensive selection of setup videos and support material is also available.

Economical LED Backlit Exhibition Display Stands

Our BrightWall displays are easily adapted to your ever-changing marketing message with interchangeable, crease resistant, dye sub printed SEG fabric graphics. LED lights are six times more energy efficient than conventional lights and can cut energy use by up to 80%.

Durable LED Backlit Exhibition Display Stands

All our BrightWall products are designed and constructed to the same high standards we have been delivering for over 45 years and this is shown through our industry leading lifetime warranty.
BrightWall features high-powered LED lights that are long lasting and have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

Versatile LED Backlit Exhibition Display Stands

Reconfigurable designs that can scale up or down as your exhibition needs change are a trademark of Nomadic Display. Our backlit solutions range embraces the same concept and ensures your investment provides maximum flexibility and value for money.
Refresh and update your existing purchases with new LED backlit technology knowing that the entire range of Nomadic Display products will integrate with your existing products.

LED Exhibition Stands heights available

All our BrightWall backlit display walls are available in 3 standard heights – 2.36m, 2.5m and  impressive 3m high units.

Whatever your needs or budget, be safe in the knowledge that there is a Nomadic Display solution that is just right for you that can grow with your exhibition requirements in the future.

Integrate the 2.36m backlit units with your existing Nomadic products, stand eye to eye with competitors offering 2.5m solutions or soar over them with our impressive 3m high range. Purchase a 2.36m unit today but know that tomorrow, based on the unique modularity of the range, this purchase can scale up in height to 3m.

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