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BrightWall Series of backlit LED exhibition display stands

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Free Standing Units

Suitable for POS displays, airport signage, restaurants, showrooms, exhibitions, trade shows and many more

Integrated Units

Make multiple configurations between BrightWalls or with our entire range of existing products.

Design Options

View one of our custom designed solutions that have created a splash at exhibitions worldwide.

Backlit Fabric Stands - draw attention to your graphics

BrightWall backlit fabric display units create a high-end ambience that will help you increase sales, it’s possibilities are almost endless! Assembled in as little as 15minutes, our backlit fabric stands ensure a simple, quick and stress free setup!

Available in a range of sizes from 1mtr to 3mtrs and with the choice to have custom sizes made on request all of your exhibition display needs can be accommodated. Our packing case is designed to easily fit into a small car, and weighing as little as 24kg can be easily transported by one person.

Graphics are enhanced by the backlit lights and help draw attention to your designs in all show and exhibition locations. Mount your display or keep it freestanding, combine units for massive exhibits or even display panoramic images to accomocate all floor spaces and situations your exhibition, sales or marketing teams may encounter.

BrightWall 2 Backlit Fabric Stands feature high-powered LED lights, which provide even, shadow free illumination. LED lights are six times more energy efficient than conventional lights and can cut energy use by up to 80% and with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

Backlit Fabric Stand Features

Brightwall 2 LED lights

LED Lights

BrightWall 2 features high-powered LED lights, which provide even, shadow free illumination. Our LED lights are long lasting and have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

Brightwall 2 Hardware


At 108mm wide our BrightWall 2 profile provides excellent stability and offers a smooth, channel free finish. BrightWall 2 units can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes!


BrightWall 2 Packing

Custom Designed Packing

Our custom made packing solution provides exceptional protection to your Brightwall 2 unit. The die cut foam inserts enable the unit to be easliy repacked and streamlines the setup process.


Nomadic Display Fabric SEG Graphics

Fabric Graphics

BrightWall 2 units feature SEG fabric graphics front and back, with the option of using SEG light blocker to create a single sided unit. Our fabric is crease resistant and machine washable, making it long lasting and extremely cost effective.

“Nomadic executed our company’s vision, functional needs, and budget in this ultra chic design! We couldn’t have been more pleased with the final product!.”

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–Amanda McCrowell, For Rent Media Solutions

Our Heritage

Ted Zeigler Nomadic Display

Founded in 1975 by Theodore “Ted” Zeigler, Nomadic was a pioneer in the exhibit industry. After studying R. Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic design principles, Zeigler invented Instand®, the first self-locking pop up display. Zeigler established Nomadic Display to manufacture and market his invention.

Since its founding, Nomadic has delivered more than a quarter million trade show exhibits to exhibitors around the world and earned more than 20 awards for design excellence. Product offerings have expanded from portables to include a wide range of modular and custom trade show booths, exhibit rentals and graphics.

Nomadic Display attributes its successful longevity to customer-driven product and service solutions. In addition to the first pop-up, Nomadic Display was first to offer a lifetime warranty on display systems and first to introduce a 24/7 global emergency LifeLine.



“The inspiration we get from our customers has fueled our creativity for four decades,” said Jerome Gannon, Managing Director. “In addition, we are fortunate to have built trusted relationships with international distribution partners who are leaders in their respective markets.”

Today Let your imagination run free and easily create one of our stunning designs yourself using our standard integrated units. Or create a real splash at your upcoming exhibit by contacting our design studio now and avail of their expertise as they work hard to create unique stand out displays, which continue to exceed our customers expectations.

Rointe Exhibition Stand from Nomadic Display

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