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How much do Exhibition Display Stands cost?

Trying to determine how much your exhibition display stands costs could be can be as difficult as determining how long a piece of string is when you don’t know how to approach the situation.

With so many possible scenarios, no exhibition display “expert” will be able to answer this accurately for you. Or should not attempt to do so without first asking some questions and making an attempt to determine what it is you need or are trying to achieve.

Exhibition stands can be whatever you want them to be – large floor sizes or small, single use or re-useable, fabric or printed panels, to hire or to rent, self build or managed service . .  an endless list of if’s/buts and maybe’s. Essential for the exhibitor to consider to manage budget and make maximum impact and also for the exhibition display company to understand to price accurately.

So coming back to the question of “how much does an exhibition display stand cost” are we any nearer to an answer?

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If you are going to attend a trade show or exhibition event you have to know which is the right one for you. Of course this is built around your understanding of your target customer and who you need to attract versus the breakdown of visitors likely to attend any of an endless list of possible trade shows and events.

That search is outside the scope of this article but in attempting to understand the exhibition display stand cost you must factor in the cost of the best floor space available for you within the cost structure of the ideal trade show(s) you would like to attend.

The cost of stand space varies from show to show but your marketing budget for a year is fixed. Consider how many shows you would like to attend, the cost of floor rental at each show and then how much you have to spend for the year. Planning those shows you will then see the floor plans you could book and whether one display stand designed well will do them all or whether you need a modular stand that is possible to reconfigure.

You might simply decide that attending one show is all that is needed and investing in one custom build stand, that is not re-useable, is an acceptable outlay.

Don’t forget that the cost of electric sockets or internet coverage must be factored in so the price of the display stand is again, not just the wood and aluminium, but the services around the stand that help to make the most positive impression.

Exhibition floor spaces are decided – now how much does the design cost?


Dispay Stand produced by Creo Nomadic Display distributorAt the end of the day, an exhibition stand is just wood or aluminium that any joinery company can put together? Much the same way plumbing your new en-suite bathroom is just a series of plastic pipes and copper fixings. Right?

If you would like your first impression with a potential new customer at that next trade show to be a positive one, read our post here on whether exhibition design companies are worth the investment. If you are willing to roll the dice and wager that you can plumb that en-suite bathroom yourself then carry on and see how that works out.

There is no question that working with a professional exhibition design company and creating a unique display stand that represents all that is good about your company, can increase your footfall at an event. And you might find that using their services might actually reduce your overall annual costs of exhibiting.

In asking how much does an exhibition stand cost you should also consider how much do you value attracting the right type of visitors to your stand? Or how much do you value standing out from your competitors who are also, without question, going to be attending the same show or series of exhibitions as you are. You need to avail of the services of a professional exhibition design and  manufacturing company and trust the experts that they will do the best job for you.

Once off investment or series of trade shows?


The show or shows you are planning to attend have been booked and you have decided that the best approach is work with a professional stand designer. The best designers will have listened to your needs and understood ALL of the requirements over the course of a year and will be able to suggest the best course of action.

Experience of manufacturing trade shows displays for over 40 years, has taught us that one pop up or fabric display stand design purchased is unlikely to be able to cater for the needs of every show you will ever attend.

It might be a very simple backwall that stands in a shell scheme which is fine but where is the ambition on your part to grow and evolve and if that ambition exists, can your display stand match this?

When you want to invest in a stand that will be re-used time and time again, who is going to store the stand between shows, organise the setups and take downs and look after any new graphics that might need to be re-printed?

Planning ahead is key and understanding how a rental agreement with your exhibition partner might work versus the cost of a straight purchase is important.

Consider also the benefits of someone else managing the process of assembling your stand at the show, looking after the finer details of the project giving you the opportunity to focus on your product and appearance.

How much is this display stand going to cost?


It might seem a bit late in the article to say it but your display stand is only going to cost as much as you want to spend or have to spend!

Large exhibition stand from Nomadic DisplayThere is no escaping the fact that marketing budgets are fixed and as much as we would like them to be, they are not fluid (except for a lucky few).

You have hopefully realised that the aluminium in the frame is only one part of the cost of the exhibition display and a more general overview of the project(s) is needed. Consider the impact of a well designed modular, re-useable display stand but know it is going be more expensive than a series of pull up banners at the back of the shell scheme.

What is your display stand budget?


It is an important consideration and one that should be communicated to your design partner so that you don’t get a Rolls Royce design proposal when you have a Mini budget. Trust in that relationship and that the intention of the designer will be to make maximum impact within the constraints you present to them.

What next?


Budgets have been decided, show or shows that you are going to participate at considered, timelines put in place with the first show on the horizon.

A brief for the stand must be prepared so the designer can prepare the design and ultimately get or give you the price.

At last closer to establishing the cost of the exhibition display stand for you but crucially, closer to that point of giving you a price on a solution that won’t have any hidden stings in the tail. A clear breakdown of all costs and services will identify what you have paid for that expertise and help justify the expenditure.

Ultimately the proof will be in the performance of the stand at that tradeshow or sales event but at least you will be comfortable in knowing that you got the best solution for your needs.


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A trade show stand is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand’s creativity and highlight your latest product or service, so while you don’t want to look the poor relation compared to your competitor you don’t want to break the bank with a stand that can’t be used again.

There is much more to consider when calculating the price of the exhibition display stand than you might think but at the same time there are more opportunities to use your budget wisely than you might know.

With some creativity and careful planning you can create the perfect exhibition stand design to connect with your target audience and get people talking about your brand.

View our range of exhibition stand solutions or speak to us and let the experts guide you.