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Planning on attending a trade show or sales event at a major Dublin, Cork or Galway location and require the services of a leading exhibition display stands provider? Or perhaps your exhibition calendar requires you travelling internationally to the major exhibition centres in the UK, mainland Europe or the USA.


Then you require the support and expertise of a network of dedicated professionals with over 40 years experience in exhibition display stand design, support and delivery.


Nomadic Display are specialists in the construction of portable, modular, easy to assemble and re-useable exhibition display stands.



Whatever sector your company operates in, we offer creative, custom designed solutions that are designed to create maximum impact at your sales and exhibition events. We produce functional and cost effective display stand solutions that deliver on promise over their full life.


All Nomadic Display solutions are customised to satisfy your present and future display requirements while still presenting your company message and brand in a manner that will generate continued return on investment. Your space at each exhibition event will be attractive, functional, memorable and revenue generating.

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In addition to creating your trade show booth, our customers can avail of our support services and expertise such as storage of your display stand between events, transport, assembly, TV and monitor rental etc.


Everything you might need to make your exhibition attendance as hassle free and impact generating as possible. Right down to the small details such as ensuring that your brochures are waiting for you when you arrive to the on the stand and there is coffee in your coffee machine.



When you work with Nomadic Display exhibition systems, you work with a network of over 65 distributors in 25 countries worldwide familiar and trained to handle your display stand technology. This ensures your display area can be shipped, handled, assembled and disassembled as easily in Dublin as in London, Madrid as in Frankfurt and Auckland as in Dubai.


Our extensive experience working in the most important exhibition centres of each major city worldwide, means we know perfectly the regulations regarding the construction of stands at each show, the timings at each event and also what needs to happen after the shows are held.


When exhibiting internationally, feel free to request your obligation free proposal from one of our Nomadic Display authorised Irish, UK, European or international distributors.

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Nomadic Display specialise in the production of portable modular stands that can be reused time and time again by companies, regardless of the floor  size. We understand that companies attend shows at various times of the year and depending on floor space availability, notice period, budget etc the space that the stand may be setup in may change.

The real advantage of our modular stand solutions is that the stand you buy today may be reconfigured to suit your new floor space or you can add new elements to it in the future as your budget or requirements increase. It does not require any costly fixings to  integrate the old with the new – this simplicity comes from years of research and innovation to create exhibition stand solutions that  surpass customer needs.

At Nomadic Display, thanks to our extensive experience, we offer our customers a secure, reliable and successful solution to the challenge of creating attractive stand that can scale up or down as required.

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If you are a company based in Ireland, the UK, Germany or Spain and you need a modular display stand for a trade show abroad, you do not need to contact an external company in that foreign location. Within the Nomadic Display network we have multilingual customer service and exhibition display consultants who act as the contact point between your location and the management in the country where the event is being held.


If you are based internationally and you wish to exhibit within the EU for example, when you contact Nomadic Display we can manage the process of exhibiting for you. We will manage everything that is necessary for your stand to be a success regardless of where that location is to be.


Nomadic Display is your partner in the construction of portable exhibition stands for creative, unique events that will make you stand out from the rest. We prepare stands for events, congresses, seminars, trade shows, fairs, or any corporate or sales event that requires it.


We offer you more than the design of stands for events. Our long experience in design of stands in Dublin, London, Frankfurt, Madrid and across Europe means we are experts in working in all the major international fairgrounds, are knowledgeable about the most important events and have a wide network of contacts to solve any last minute need that comes your way.


In addition to offering you the most innovative solutions for the design of your stand at your event, we offer a wide variety of complementary services so that your customers and visitors are completely satisfied.


We have been manufacturing in the display stands sector for over 40 years and have built a wide network of service providers. Therefore, with us, you will not only have the most original and creative exhibition stand at the event, you will also have all the facilities to offer the most personalised service to your visitors.


At Nomadic Display we use the best materials for the construction of our stands for events. We know that the devil is in the detail which is why we go above and beyond to ensure every stand we produce is manufactured like it was to be our won.


Our goal is to ensure each and every exhibition display stand, backlit wall or Nomadic Instand pop up we produce transmits the same values of quality and attention to detail that are customers wish to present to their visitors.