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Made in EU and Warranty



The Classic series continues to be the standard by which other pop up exhibition stands are measured and judged.



The Plus series of flat pop up stands offers the same benefits as the Classic series only the shape is flat rather than curved.



The same pop up system can work in a number of reconfigurations, these options can change with each exhibition attended.



By connecting pop up frames together, truly unique and customised environments can be created to suit each and every event.

Instand® Pop Up Displays are the World’s Most Popular Portable Exhibits

Nomadic Instand frames are 100% “Made in Europe”, and we stand over the quality of our frames with our “No Questions Asked!” Lifetime Warranty; providing coverage unmatched in the display industry, a testimony to the system’s quality and a unique selling point.

Pop Up Exhibition Stands were invented over 40 years ago by Ted Zeigler, the founder of Nomadic Display.

The success of the Nomadic Instand range has been a testament to the practicality of the system as even today it continues to deliver professional, high impact graphic presentations that are compact, lightweight and easy to set-up. The Nomadic Instand pop up display ranges save you time and money on storage, transportation and labor.

Its easy to understand why Instand is still the world’s most popular pop up. Instand’s reputation for quality is legendary and offers you:

  • Self-locking technology for the fastest set-up
  • Crossbracing throughout for superior stability
  • Tempered steel-on-steel hubs ensure maximum strength at all critical, high stress joints
  • Polar opposite magnet-to-magnet mounting ensures panels self-align with seamless precision every time
  • In fact, Instand is so well engineered, we back it with our exclusive, “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty. If Instand ever fails to function, for any reason, Nomadic will repair or replace it FREE of charge for as long as you own it.



Wizdom Pop Up Exhibition Stand
Protect a Bed Portable Pop Up Exhibition Stand
Remfit Portable Pop Up Exhibition Stand from Nomadic Display
Priority Pass Pop Up Exhibition Stand from Nomadic Display
Oxford Instruments Exhibition Stand featuring Nomadic Instand Pop Up
National Housing Display Stand with Pop Up Portable Displays

Why buy your pop up exhibition stands from Nomadic Display?

Nomadic Display No Questions Asked Warranty


Nomadic modular exhibition stands are designed to change and grow to meet your changing business demands. Break them down into smaller display stands or repurpose them to form larger ones.

Durable construction

Nomadic exhibition stands are made in our own manufacturing plant using the highest quality materials including aircraft grade, drawn aluminium and impact resistant polycarbonates. We employ state-of-the-art processes such as welding, thermoforming, and rotational moulding to fabricate our products. And every Nomadic display stand is inspected to ensure it meets our rigid quality control standards before shipment.

Lower ownership costs

Our smart custom modular, custom portable, rental and graphic solutions can dramatically reduce your operational and ownership expenses. Nomadic exhibition stands are designed to help you stretch your budget. Because our display systems are lighter in weight you save on storage and transportation. Many of our solutions are also swift to set-up so you save on set up costs.

Our Pop Up Display Heritage

Ted Zeigler Nomadic Display

Founded in 1975 by Theodore “Ted” Zeigler, Nomadic was a pioneer in the exhibit industry. After studying R. Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic design principles, Zeigler invented Instand®, the first self-locking pop up displays. Zeigler established Nomadic Display to manufacture and market his invention.

Since its founding, Nomadic has delivered more than a quarter million trade show exhibits to exhibitors around the world and earned more than 20 awards for design excellence. Product offerings have expanded from portables to include a wide range of modular and custom trade show booths, exhibit rentals and graphics.

Nomadic Display attributes its successful longevity to customer-driven product and service solutions. In addition to the first pop-up, Nomadic Display was first to offer a lifetime warranty on display systems and first to introduce a 24/7 global emergency LifeLine.




“The inspiration we get from our customers has fueled our creativity for four decades,” said Jerome Gannon, Managing Director. “In addition, we are fortunate to have built trusted relationships with international distribution partners who are leaders in their respective markets.”


Ginger Fox Exhibition Stand from Nomadic Display

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