Are exhibition stand design companies worth the investment?

The best exhibition stand at a trade show is the one that allows the visitors engage with the exhibitor comfortably amongst the hustle and bustle of the exhibition hall floor whilst still remaining visually appealing.

And at the same time bringing a constant stream of visitors to your stand – as simple as that !!

The best Exhibition Stand Design companies are the ones that can deliver this.

In some exhibition halls, depending on the business the exhibitors are engaged in, the stands compete to be visually effective at the expense of function and comfort.

While at other shows, the exhibition booth designs are focussed on functionality and fail to contribute to the better identification of your brand and so do not attract attention.

Depending on your budget, your exhibition stand may only represent a small footprint in a mass of information which the visitor is exposed to at the show.

Your exhibition stand is where you must attract the customers in your sector.

It is the only area where you as the exhibitor have the opportunity to control your message, offer and positioning in the exhibition hall.

You want to make maximum visual impact and stand out from the crowd but this is when simple oversights may occur.

While you are competing to draw interested visitors to the stand you must not forget about the need to control the interaction with your visitor once they engage with you.

Product and information brochures must to be hand. Refreshments must be readily and comfortably available. Seating must be planned for and incorporated in the best and most discrete location. Lighting position  must be thought through. .  It might not be long before you realise the skills of a professional exhibition stand designer might be needed!

Rely on external knowledge

The mention of “professional exhibition designers” or “external display stand consultants”, can often cause those in control of finances to cringe with fear that the budget could be diminished.

Or the exhibition stand designer you are looking to potentially employ will lack the ability to match your requirements for the stand with their own idea of what the exhibition display should physically look like.

That their perceived lack of knowledge about your product may hinder them from designing a space as well as you could with your detailed knowledge of your own company’s services.

Perhaps even a misunderstanding that the stand designer will automatically wish for you to invest in the largest possible stand size to get maximum return.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what works best at a trade show or exhibition event.

Instead you must rely on the skill and experience of the designer to understand your preferences and transfer them into a display stand proposal that blends function with style.

There is no escaping the fact that you only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression with that potential new customer or existing client you have arranged to meet at the event. Success often comes from understanding what your own skillset is and where your abilities lie.

Do you feel comfortable gambling or rolling the “display stand” dice?

What are your feelings on running the risk of making a less than positive first impression by not considering that the cost that might be associated with employing the services of an exhibition design company might be a wise investment?

Have you ever thought that there might be opportunities to cut cost, make more return, increase visibility and customer satisfaction at a show?

Maybe those people who are employed full-time within the business of managing customers exhibition needs might know a thing or two about the best use of your budget.

World class exhibition stand design companies such as Nomadic Display have been producing display stands for companies over the world for over 30 years. That experience designing in pop up displays, backlit exhibition stands and modular displays that can be easily re-used and re-designed for each show that you attend opens up new avenues for the customers we work with.

Making your budget go further

The concept of display stands that can be purchased today and added to as your exhibition display needs and budget grows and changes over time, means that you can invest in what you feel comfortable with today and then re-visit as your needs change.

Designing stands built around this principle of designing for today but allowing you to grow for tomorrow, is the basis for our success but thankfully it does not impact on the performance of your display stand which always remains our primary objective.

Add accessories to your stand

TV and monitor mounts can be incorporated to display corporate videos or sales pieces. Tablet holders can be integrated into the display stand to create presentation points. Overhead LED lights can be mounted onto the exhibition structure to ensure best performance but transferred at your next show to a different location on the stand.

Think about your own comfort

You have to spend a long time standing to attention during the event so furniture, that enhances your customer experience but also makes your time spent on the stand more comfortable, can be rented or purchased and placed at the best spots on the stand. We understand how important it is to consider using accessories to improve the environment of your stand but only when they can positively impact the impression you are creating.

Counters can be used both as storage locations and demonstration areas. Even simple things such as using the cases the stand arrives in as portable display counters are considered for maximum impact.

Of course design trends and exhibition display systems evolve and change over time.

You might have invested in an exhibition stand in the past and want to re-use that when attending future shows. This makes perfect sense and while it might be a challenge for some designers, it is not for us.

Systems from Nomadic Display are designed so that the stand you purchased from us in the past can be joined to the new purchase you are considering.

LED and Fabric Stands

Backlit fabric stands such as our range of BrightWall single and double sided backlit walls integrate seamlessly with the Instand pop up range of portable displays that we invented and are best known for.

Our newest addition, the EDGE modular fabric system, is a non-backlit alternative. Once you see the impact our BrightWall displays can make on the exhibition floor you can consider adding a new BrightWall unit to the EDGE design at some time in the future.

We understand how much “stuff” makes it’s way onto your stand. Evolve counters are our unique affordable counters that allow you to customise your counter for every event but have great lockable storage space when you need to find a home for all of this material.

Given that every other exhibitor at the event is a potential rival competing for the eye of passer-by’s, we propose backlit walls to enhance the visual appeal of your stands.

By offering these walls from 2.36 to 3mtrs in height as standard with customer sizes available on request, your display will never be overshadowed by your neighbour. Rather you will often out-shine that potential rival with one of our backlit wall options.

Considering how important it is to match your budget with your expectations of the finished display and the basic requirements you need in order for the stand to do it’s job, we always start the design process with a careful, structured conversation listening to what it is you need and want to achieve.

By spending the time at the start of the project listening to what it is you need, the best designers don’t have to worry about that dreaded phone call at the end of your time at the trade show that the stand did not fulfil it’s basic functions.

Your Display Stand is your home-from-home

Remember that the display stand is going to be your home from home for the duration of the event so you have to comfortable in that environment.

Your customer will always detect your discomfort and will come away from your encounter with a less than positive impression.

No one wants to face into having that conversation with your employer that the customer that was going to be your next biggest sales account does not value you as a partner because you failed to manage your own appearance.

Or worse still your own products that you are investing in the stand to advertise at the sales event, that your “professional exhibition designer” promised you were organised to be onsite are not there when you arrive (Note: we can manage all parts of your exhibition display needs right through from initial consultation to making sure there is milk in the fridge !)

Perhaps you need to consider working with a trusted professional exhibition design partner after all.

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